Monday, 3 February 2014

From the pool.. to school..

The summer school holidays have come to an end and this morning Jie again put on his uniform. With new shoes and socks and his uniform a size larger than last year I could see he was getting bigger. Walking him to school he was quiet. He seemed more cool, calm and collected than I was. Many times I asked if we could turn back and make a run for it but Jie just kept walking. It was hard to see what kind of emotions he was feeling, he looked confident yet nervous, excited yet reserved. This year he has a male teacher, he is brand new to the school. Jie said he liked him but I think that may have a lot to do with the nervous side of things. He doesn't trust men. All the men whom he's had in his life haven't stuck around. I want to talk to him about it but don't want to push the subject. He is a quiet kid who usually prays and waits for answers rather than worry me. He has so much faith in what he can't control and loves seeing his prayers answered. He is such a placid and polite child with so much love and empathy in his heart. I'm going to miss spending my days with him..

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Prairie Wife said...

It's sometimes SO hard to let them go to school, all those hours that aren't in our control. He looks happy, can't wait to hear how it turns out!

Maria dolores Lopez godoy said...

Wow, are beautiful. I love your blog, congratulations. Kisses from Spain.

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