Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Jesus Walked On Water!!

I think Nevaeh is done with fairy tales for a while. Today, I watched The Miraculous Mission (again). And Nevaeh walked past the TV just as Jesus was walking on water and asking Peter to come to him. All day she was excited by this.. While having a bath she asked if I could walk on water. Then said to me how much she wanted to walk on water. It was quite cute at how much just a small portion of the story impacted her thinking. When her brother got home the first thing she shouted at him excitedly was that Jesus could actually walk on water! She went on to explain that it wasn't a joke. Jesus could actually do it. It was awesome just watching her fuss over it. Like it was the most out of this world amazing thing she had ever heard/seen in her whole life. Tonight we had dinner with her Dad. My husband. On the way to McDonalds, she told her father about what Jesus had done in the movie. Then she had to make it clear to him that it was truth. He actually walked on water. Then to top it off, tonight, as I tucked her into bed and turned off the light she snuck over to her bookcase. She pulled out Jie's Action Bible and started flicking through it eager to find Jesus standing on the water. After realizing that she couldn't find it she came into me and had me find it for her. After I found it I asked her if she wanted me to read it to her. She said "No thanks, I already know what happens Mum." and politely walked out of my bedroom. I followed her out with the camera a snapped this shot of her telling the story of how Peter stepped out onto the water but then sunk for not believing enough in Jesus. I stood amazed at how much she knew after watching only a snippet of the movie. And I just had to record it here on the blog to read again with her one day.

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Tendrils Of My Existence said...

Children take to stories like fish take to water. I wonder what the next thing that excites her so much may be. Whatever it is, I hope you'll blog about it!

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