Thursday, 23 July 2015

A day in the life of Mel..

7.15am - My alarm goes off. I snooze it and go back to sleep.

7.30am - My alarm goes off again and so I drag my butt out of bed waking Nevaeh.

8.00am - I'm arguing with the kids who can't find their Myki cards. They've all had breakfast, the school kids are dressed, have their lunchboxes in their bags and are now putting their shoes and socks on. I'm still in the process of finding the hair brush.

8.20am - We're all at the bus stop playing Ispy as we wait for the bus.

9.00am - I have gotten through half of a coffee, folded a load of washing, put another load on, and am about to jump in the shower while Justine is busy watching peppa pig and playing trains.

10.00am - Justine and I are at the library for Story Time a half an hour early so we're doing a puzzle.

10.30am - Story time starts and let's just say it's not what it used to be when my kids were little. Justine loses interest and asks to leave 10 minutes in.

11.05am - Justine is getting her hair cut at the hairdresser

11.30am -  We're at the fish 'n chip shop (finally). Justine has been asking to go to the fish shop every day since she has been here.

11.50am - We're sitting in the beautiful sunshine, not a cloud in the sky eating our lunch together.

12.20pm - We're browsing Bargains on Parade for a few new coloring books and pick up a few bargains including three dot to dot books.

12.45pm - We're leaving the salvos store with a new doll and three movies (for $5)

1.07pm - I message this photos to my sister of a very excited little girl opening her mail..

1.52pm - Justine is watching Play school on her new tablet.

2.22pm - Matt is mowing the lawns as I hose down our outdoor dining furniture.

3.08pm - Justine and I are watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) and she is finally dosing off.

3.47pm - Kids are rushing through the door with so much to tell me. Two have misplaced their myki cards. I try not to get too angry.

4.00pm - Hiram and Jie are checking out the games on Hirams new touch tablet. Justine is still asleep and Nevaeh and I are outside doing some water painting.

4.30pm - Jie is on the computer, Justine is playing a game on her tablet, Hiram and Nevaeh are on the trampoline and I am hanging out washing.

4.47pm - I'm doing dishes, girls are playing dogs and cats, boys are watching shark attacks on youtube.

6.08pm - Kids are eating fish and chips for dinner and Matt has popped in to buy them ice-cream for dessert.

6.42pm - Girls are in the bath and the boys are reading their readers to me.

7.20pm - Kids are talking to Kristal on the phone.

7.40pm - Boys watching spider-man on YouTube and girls are playing Mum's and babies.

8.15pm - Tucking kids in bed, offering hugs and kisses and lights out.

8.30pm - Make a cuppa and sit down to watch a movie.

8.40pm - Remove Justine from the room and together we watch The Brady Bunch while the big school kids start dozing off into dreamland.

9.06pm  - Tuck Justine into bed beside her big brother.

9.30pm - Turn the TV off and reheat that untouched cuppa, grab a muffin and started writing this post.

Life has become very busy in our home with my beautiful niece and hunky nephew staying with us for a while. There is no time for the little things I used to take for granted such as finishing a coffee or afternoon naps before my children got home from school but while life is busier it's also a lot more fun! The kids play really well together and my niece and nephew are a joy to have around. I've really enjoyed this time with them both.. Seeing their little personalities come out and letting my love shine on them. I'm such a proud Aunty..

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