Saturday, 18 July 2015

Be in a Newspaper - CHECK!

My first debut in a newspaper was when I was just a few days old. In the loving arms of my doting Mum with a smile so big it could rule the world.. A photographer visited the Moe hospital to take my photo to publish in the local paper. The message beneath my photo read
FLETCHER (Nawie) - Melissa Anne, born on July 27 at Moe to Margaret and David of Moe. Sister for Kristal. Weight 3.34 kg."
I know all this because the newspaper clipping now sits in my family's photo album.

Since then I haven't been very famous or appeared in many newspapers apart from when I was a preteen and played Netball. Not as amazing as being born but my name appeared in the local sports section when I'd get best on court or did well in Little Athletics.

So last year I added "Be in a Newspaper" to my bucket list here on our blog.

And since then I haven't just been in one newspaper, the kids and I have been in many..

The Melton & Moorabool Star Weekly

The Bacchus Marsh Scoop - Edition 4

Torres News - Thursday Island
The Moorabool News 

Bacchus Marsh Scoop - Edition 7
How amazing is that! We are the only Torres Strait Islander family here in Bacchus Marsh (apart from my brother) and in the last few months I have been getting actively involved with the indigenous group here in our community. While our indigenous people here were not recognized for Reconciliation week the Aboriginal (and TSI) parents group made damn sure we were able to celebrate NIADOC week. I was a part of that too.

NAIDOC week went amazingly well and was a great success.

I'm looking forward to continually working with the indigenous community here in our hometown to ensure our voices are heard, opportunities are there for our young people and our people can be respected and thrive in such an old set community.

I want to send the message that we can feel proud of who we are and should!

We are Australia's 1st people and while we are a minority, we matter.

Black Lives Matter!

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