Wednesday, 16 September 2015

From Maths to Aths..

Jiedyn loves Maths.
Jie also loves Aths.

Which is why I have registered him again this year..

I love the excitement he gets when he has done his personal best. 
I love the fun he has with the new friends he makes. 
I love that people know him because he is good at something. 
I love the encouragement he receives when he doesn't quite pick something up the first time. 
I love the time people put in for him when he is struggling. 
I love the suggestions he hears of how he can improve next time. 
I love that he loves high jump. 
I love that he believes in himself.
I love that he pushes on.
I love that he loves Maths. 
I love that these school holidays he will have Little Aths!

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