Sunday, 25 October 2015

Finally, The Wait is Over..

In 1990, 25 years ago my mother and father lived together on a farm in Tynong. My sister attended her first year of primary school in Garfield and was in grade Prep. I was two and my brother would have been one and while Mum worked as a house cleaner for a couple who owned the Milkbar she used to keep me quiet by having me watch The Wizard of Oz on Video as she cleaned and helped around the shop.. It was my favorite movie ever! Some of my earliest memories are of this time when were were a family living on a farm with a few cats, a dog (Molly), chickens and a Ram (Rambo). 

Unbeknownst to me at the time, while Mum was working at Clives Shop she was also collecting the FABBRI'S CLASSIC ADVENTURES BOOKS each week and unbeknownst to her, these books would become one of my most treasured memories as an adult. 

These Green, Red and Blue books sat in the bookcases at every place we called home while Mum and Dad were together. In 1994 my sister wrote her name in her favorite titles. I know this because she also wrote the date. She would have been 10yo and it would have been right before Mum and Dad split up. These books stayed with with Mum initially but somehow ended up with Dad. 

click photo to enlarge.
Since I was 10yo and I could read really well, I have been asking for these books. 
17 years later they're mine all mine!

Such sentimental value..

There were 52 titles in all and Mum had collected them all, but over the years some have got lost and ruined. Even the ones sitting on my coffee table at the moment are old and moldy but I am again collecting them all. Good copies which will one day be past on to my kids. 

18/52 so far..

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