Sunday, 15 May 2016

Late (really late) Mothers Day Post

I woke up on Mothers Day feeling very appreciated. 

Although the girls set off the fire alarm (multiple times) I did not wake. When I'm asleep, I'm asleep and there is no waking me.. But I did wake up to purple (burned) pancakes and coffee which was so nice of them to do..  And with big smiles too..

The night before I was printing out pages for Jeanette. Janai, Hiram and Justine to complete to send to their Mum. I wanted my sister to feel loved and thought about and I had planned to send her flowers but when we tried to call her multiple times throughout the day, she wasn't answering which was such a shame. It left the kids feeling a bit flat.

But once Nevaeh returned from her fathers house, the mood lifted and we went down town to spend the kids allowances!

While we were down the street Jeanette used her pocket money to buy me a beautiful bunch of flowers and my favorite chocolate to say thank you from her and her siblings. It was honestly the sweetest thing ever. 

This photo was taken later that night and is the only family photo we have at present.
I'm hoping to get some professional photos done soon too..

Thank you all for a fabulous mothers/Aunty's day <3

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