Friday, 11 November 2016

Helping Mummy

My beautiful daughter and thoughtful son have helped me tonight out of the kindness of their own hearts. 

After dinner I sat on the couch letting my food digest and messaged my Besty. I cleaned the kitchen before tea and now knew it was that time again to fill the sink and do the dishes again. Nevaeh who was begging me to come and lay with her because I looked tired but Looking around the lounge room I told her I had a lot of cleaning to do before bed tonight.

The kids had been busy making paper aeroplanes and drawings and cut outs and paper was everywhere. Plates were still in the table with left overs and washing both needed folded and to be hung on the clothes hoist. Hiram had also came to me before dinner complaining that his arm was sore. I had a quick look as I dished dinner out and saw that where he got his immunisation yesterday had swollen and was red and hot to touch. 

I sat on the couch not knowing where to start but to my surprise, Nevaeh had already started cleaning. Jeanette walked out and asked what she was doing as she was scraping left overs into the bin and nevaeh replied in a very mature voice "I'm just helping Mum with the lounge room and half the kitchen because she is very tired and needs to rest." 

Jeanette walked out of the room and Jie walked in just as Nevaeh started folding some washing (as if she knew my to-do list in my head) and Jie asked how he could help. I asked him to take the washing out of the machine and afterwards he asked if I wanted him to put another load on. Although unsure of what to do he gave it a go just to help me out.

With their help I was able to do the dishes, vacuum, clean the rest of the kitchen and finish folding the washing. Nevaeh seeing Justine waiting for me to read to her took it upon herself to read to her for me. 
I was then able to call Nurse on Call for Hiram about his arm and hang 
another load of washing out. 

It was so nice to have the help of my kids who saw me tired and worn out today.

It really is the little things that make me feel loved 

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