Tuesday, 14 February 2017

New Pet Announcement

Okay! So we have some exciting news to share with our friends, family and followers out there!

We have a new pet!

A puppy! 


It has been a dream of mine to add a puppy to our family once my youngest was old enough to part-take in the responsibility of a dog and it has been an absolute dream come true for her to come home each and every day to her new best friend.

So I know you're all waiting to hear all the details so I won't be cruel and make you wait too much longer but I do just want to say that I am so fortunate to have a beautiful black labrador. 

I had a sandy coloured Labrador growing up and he was my whole world. My childhood was amazing because he was part of it and because of that joy our dog Samson bought to my life I just knew I wanted that for my kids. 

So without further ado.. 

This is Max!

Max has been with us for a week and has settled into his daily routine really well. I am crate training him, have taught him to sit, lay down and jump up on request using hand signals. He is such a happy boy and has already bought so much joy to our home.

So far his favourite things are:

-Mums bed
-Stealing my keys
-His Happy Ball (that laughs when it rolls)
-Running away with his blanket at bedtime
-Chasing his tail
-Nevaeh coming home

In a house full of faces and feet Max looks to me and Nevaeh for guidance and assistance. I think he tends to go to Nevaeh because she was the one who helped bring him home. 

I gave her a day off to come with me to pick him up and she instantly fell in love.

The two of them have practically been inseparable ever since.

Max is totally adorable but is still house bound for now as we wait for his immunisations. He will attend puppy school next month and I so can't wait for him to come with us on adventures with us.

We love you Max!

To keep up with the latest from Max look up his hashtag on Instagram #ourbeautifulboymax or follow me @MelOfBacchus ❤️️

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