Sunday, 26 March 2017

Sharing something I love with the ones I Love

Tonight I took my family to the movies.

As a child I remember absolutely loved Disneys Beauty and the Beast. 

I had the movie on VHS and watched it a lot.

I remember Mum and Dad buying me Beauty and the Beast on ice tickets and a huge Beauty and the Beast poster for my bedroom wall for my 8th Birthday.

I knew the movie off by heart and inside out and when my daughter was 4yo I sat down beside her on the old blue couches we had in our lounge room at the time to watch it with her. 

Tonight we watched the 2017 remake of the movie I have never fallen out of love with. I still knew all the words, still had tears in my eyes in parts of the movie but what I loved most of all was sitting between my brother (whom was always by my side growing up) and my daughter who was experiencing a piece of my childhood on the big screen.

I'm so happy to be where I am in my life. Sharing life with the people who matter the most to me. Sharing old and new experiences with them everyday.

I love the feeling of being with family doing something I love. 

It was a meaningful night that I want to remember forever.

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