Saturday, 3 March 2018

Jeanette's 1st ever A

What did you do to get an A?

"Okay,what I did to get an A, I did a traditional Aboriginal dance with all the animals, like the Bunjil, the eel, the emu, and the kangaroo."

How did you get an A?

"The teacher was really interested and I got the people, like the audience into it, like I got them to clap (their hands) with the sticks."

How did you feel when you got it?

"I was really really happy. I was shaking in my pants. I felt like it was going to be a good day and I was just really happy."

Who was the first person you told?

"I told Janai first, on the bus."

What would you say to others trying to achieve an A?

"Believe in yourself you can do it and try your hardest to achieve your goal."


Yesterday, after school, Jeanette burst into the front door and loud and proud announced that she had received an A in her dance class today. Her first ever A.

We are so very proud of her!!!

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