Friday, 2 March 2018

Back to School

That's right, I am back at school again. I am currently studying a Diploma of Community Services through AGP Training Geelong. The course is one day a week during school hours with 100 required hours of work placement and altogether is a 14 month course.

Today was my second class and although it feels like we breeze through the days doing nothing, we have already covered the theory for the first unit.

I am excited to be back in a classroom setting and not trying to motivate myself like I was when I was studying online. The trainer seems to have a lot of personal and professional experience in the sector and our group is made up of a diverse group of people whom I think I can learn a lot from.

So yeah, I just wanted to jump on the blog today to let you guys know that I am back at school with a goal to complete this diploma and after this one, another one too.

Wish me luck..

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