Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Hunk-of-Junk!

We always knew that there were monsters in our house. And the last place we'd ever think of looking would be in our recycling box. But today we rammaged through boxes, papers, bottles and saw potential.

I added glue sticks, markers, and rulers to the table and soon the monsters were coming together.
Jiedyn found an egg carton which made a fabulous monster..

He named him Freddie!

I helped Nevaeh make a monster out of a used Nugget box and we made him his own monster house with last weeks tissue box. His name was "Munching Monster"

Jie also made a telescope out of a bottle and some brown paper bags.
The kids played with they're monsters happily together until dinner time. Dancing, chomping and chasing the other monster around out home. They had lots of fun. 

Who would have thought a hunk of junk would bring so much joy, enjoyment and diversion? 

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Kristen Seuberling said...

It looks like you guys had a blast crafting some fun stuff! I love that kids are always able to take mundane things, like empty boxes, and do something special with them. Very cool!

Lainie said...

It's amazing what a bit of junk and a child's imagination can do, isn't it? You have such lovely children, Melissa - such gorgeous little faces!

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