Monday, 16 July 2012

Something New & Something FREE!

Jiedyn returns to school tomorrow for the second half of his first year in grade Prep.

Jie went to bed tonight excited about seeing his teacher and school friends tomorrow. Brushing his teeth and tucking himself in straight after dinner.

Tonight after watching a dreadful Aussie series you probably read about while on twitter tonight called The Shire, I was going to watch one of my all time favorite weekly programs called Four Corners. This didn't happen because I have a neighbour who hogs the reception most days/nights. They have 4 satalite dishes for only God knows making me wish they we're in bed.. I tell you, I once had a plan to send them an invitation to dinner at the local golf club just so I could watch my show. It was a great thought, them driving 15 minutes away then 15 minutes back would be just enough time to watch it.. I would never actually go through with it though..

Anyways because I couldn't watch 4 corners tonight I grabbed out Jiedyn's uniform out and Ironed it.  For the past two weeks it had been stuffed into his draws along with everything else and was creased and craving some love.

I warmed the clothes up, and before I could even think about how long it was since I ironed my own clothes (year 10 in high school) the clothes looked they're best once more.

It felt great to have time to iron and I even left the ironing board out for future use.

But for right now, I am going to read. A lovely blogger, I follow wrote a book earlier this year called Weak and Loved (Click here to view is on GoodReads) where she tells a story of how she learns about God’s love for her daughter, her husband, her other children, and ultimately God’s love for her.. The Ebook is FREE at the moment on Amazon (Click here to get your copy) I got my copy today as well as a box of tissues and chocolate.. Thank you Emily for sharing your story, I have loved reading your blog and for anyone interested, she blogs here.. 

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Emily Cook said...

Thanks Melissa, for helping to spread the word! I hope many people take advantage of the free offer- and I hope the book (and the chocolate!) are a blessing to you!!!

Mrs Melissa Baker said...

Thanks Em!

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