Friday, 13 July 2012

Record.. Get your Record!

This morning I woke up so un-motivated. Matt was out running errands all day and all the kids seemed to do was argue and fight over everything. I sent them both to they're rooms for an afternoon sleep after lunch which Nevaeh fell into rather quickly. Jie, no, no afternoon sleep. It seems that these days he has an answer for everything.. 

By the time Nevaeh woke up the house was semi clean and two loads of washing had been washed. As I went to hang it out it was amazing how fast the kids we're out the back with me! First begging to push them on the swings before picking up the footy and asking to be tackled. 

I drew some goal posts..
And soon we we're all kicking goals!
There was even some tackling! After beggin' and buggin' moi!
Dad got home to hear the final siren.. Jie was excited to tell him that he had kicked 4 in a row. He went on to joke about how I got more out on the full than Nevaeh.. Dad cut up some oranges and bottled up water for us..
 I so love creating moment with and for my kids..
And love that I have someone to share it with..
Tonight we're having Hot Pies, Cold drinks watching Friday night footy!
#IAMCARLTON (and so is Vae-Vae).

2 replied:

Rebecca R. said...

Love this! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Mrs Melissa Baker said...

We did indeed Bec!

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