Wednesday, 17 October 2012

So one has to question..

Where is Mum supposed to sleep tonight? 

4 replied:

vickilicious said...

Hahaha! This has happened so many times to me too, as they like to watch TV in my bedroom! The problem anymore is that they're too big to be lifted (gently or at all!) and be put back in their beds! LOL!

vickilicious said...

I stopped by again to let you know that I nominated you for the 'Sunshine Blogger Award'! Congratulations! Stop by at to check it out!

vickilicious said...

Yet another award! I also nominated you for the 'Laine Blogger Award'! Congratulations!!! Stop by at to find out about it!

momof2 said...

Cute! I woke up to my daughter sleeping on my legs this morning. Congrats on your awards!

New to following you from MBC!

Please follow through Networked Blogs (Google connect does not work on Wordpress) Thanks for your follow and comments!

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