Monday, 8 October 2012

Weekend Recap..

Here are some snap shots of my Saturday morning..

Four fiddlesticks outside chalking..

Nevaeh Facebooking, or so she thinks!

Saige sneaking in and stopping for a pose this morning.

Jie watching cartoons before breaky.

Saturday Arvo..


Home made slushies after lunch..

And the one place at the table which the kids refused to pack up!..
Friday night the kids and I stayed at my friends house.
Dinner was yum, Kids had a ball, us girls watched bridesmaids and spent a good amount of time laughing while sipping drinks!
Kids got up early Saturday morning and I juggled the four of them allowing Zo to sleep in.
The kids were great and we hit home pretty early.

For lunch I invited my husband over for lunch.
That may sound weird and trust me, it was weird for me too.
He left me three weeks ago and is staying with his Mum.
I'm trying all I can to get him home and thought a nice family lunch might hurry things along.

Jie set the table, Nevaeh poured the drinks which later turned to slushies and well..
Matt never showed.
The kids kept insisting that he was running late and argued to keep lunch on the table and the place mat in place in case he came. 
An hour later they said "Mum, doesn't Dad love us anymore?".

Four hours later I got hold of him and he explained how he fell asleep.

I felt so crap that I needed company. The kids fell asleep early so a girlfriend come over and shouted me Chinese and drinkies. 
Water for Elephants was the movie of choice and soon we were both exhausted and ready for bed!

3 replied:

Nell said...

Sp sorry to her about your husband. Hopefully things will work out! Sometimes we need a bit of distance to realize what's important!

Momma Ley said...

Hey, I came to peek at your blog! I hope things work out with your husband! I don't recognize all of your vernacular... are you an Aussie?

Nuru Nyambura Ngugi said...

Hi. Sorry to hear about the situation with your husband. May God restore your relationship and fill it with love, joy and peace.

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