Saturday, 15 June 2013

Out and About in Melbourne..

Friday the 14th. The date on my referral to see Dr Nottle, a well known Lap Band Surgeon in Williamstown.   My friend Penny also had an appointment with her doctor at the same clinic so we decided to make our appointments around the same times and go together. Running late I left my place before 10am to get Jie to school. Then we hit the road to Port Melbourne for a homeschooling excursion with Zach to learn about Melbourne's import and exportation industry and how important it is to un in Australia.. 
After being well educated at the hub, we headed for some more educational fun at Scienceworks! This was all very exciting for Nevaeh and I as we had never been there before. There was a lot of 'WOW'ing! Check out some of the moments I captured..
We had a ball!

Later that afternoon I had my first check in with Dr Nottle about the possibility of having Lap Band surgery. While in the waiting room we got chatting with others. Their stories were quite amazing but I couldn't kick the butterflies. Once meeting the Doctor, I was suprised by his understanding and knowledge. He understood me and my weight and why I wanted to do this. He was thorough in his answer's to the many questions I asked and I'm now quite excited about my future!!

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KellyLovesCali said...

You're brave... I've considered surgery but am wwaayyy too scared to do it!

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