Sunday, 2 June 2013

Movie Night at the Shillings.

 Friday night we shared dinner and movies with Mark, Penny, Zach, Ben, Jacob, Toby, Hosanna and Judea. 
It's a bit of a tradition now that we make tacos since our New Years Night together.
The boys played the X-box before dinner while the girls helped in the kitchen.
I brought Vanilla coke (my movie night must have) and some fairy floss for the kids.
The boys watched a movie in the bedroom which was put on more to keep the babies out of the lounge.
Didn't work. Who would have thought that the babies wanted to be with their mummies?
The babies sitting with Penstar!
So all together we watched The Wedding Planner, then after the babies went to bed we watched French Kiss.
The kids and I stayed the night and most of Saturday.
Toby come home with us for a while to hang out with Jie helping him with a few levels on the Wii.
Nevaeh was home not even 10 minutes before this..
It seems the Shilling house has that effect on people.
I went to bed last night just after 8pm.
I was pooped!

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Marisa Slusarcyk said...

Hi, you sent me a yellow ribbon so I thought I would hop on over and see your blog. What a lovely post, though, I must admit I am interested in the drying rack, LOL! I am in Canada as you may know and I can't put a wash line outside because of the dust stirred up by people in the driveway and I have been wondering how long it takes to dry a load of laundry on one of the indoor racks? Thanks dear! Your post is very cute and I apologize that I focused on the laundry rack! Talk soon!

Mira Delos Reyes said...

Friday night is...taco night!? Hmmm...a good idea eh!

By the way, followed you via GFC. You may visit me at:
Rosels' Mom Diary

See you!

Trina Morgan said...

It's so lovely to have movie night with the family it's such a fun way to connect with each other. Great post:)

Kate @ Life on the Pavement... said...

Looks like you had a great time!

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