Monday, 8 July 2013

Her first day of Kinder..

Walking out of home with her bag on her back, Nevaeh was extremely excited and a tad bit nervous to be going to check out her new kindergarten. 

Waiting for the taxi Nevaeh told me she had pains in her tummy. I could tell she was nervous. It was such a big step for my little miss who has only ever enjoyed my company.

The taxi pulled up and in she hopped. Nervous/excited eyes wondered out the window all the way there..

Once we got there we made our way to the waiting room where Nevaeh played with a few babies and explored the toy box in the corner. I sat there watching my youngest play politely by herself and realized that I myself didn't feel like I wanted to let her go. She was still my baby and if I had it my way she would never fly the coop. Before any more thoughts came to mind, Bernadette, the EMS early learning coordinator I had met previously came in to welcome us and show us around. Nevaeh packed up and excitedly followed Bernadette to her 'would be' room.

Nevaeh walked in the door, then turned around and walked straight back out again. "What?" I asked her.. "I'm too scared Mummy, I don't want to go in there". My big brave girl was overwhelmed. It was almost like the little girl we all knew and loved had left her body. The little girl who knew all our neighbors names by heart had simply disappeared. Bernadette took her into the three your old room for a while and just found us a corner to sit as the rest of the kids played. She quite contently played alone before a few little ones came to ask her name and introduced themselves. Nevaeh was feeling more confident and after 10 minutes we walked into the 4yo room again.

This time, Nevaeh shouted with all her might.. "HOSANNA!" Before hugging her curly haired besty.

This gorgeous little girl Nevaeh has grown up along side with was also in her class and it didn't take long for Hosanna to show her around, introduce her to friends and play with her. "You can go now Mum" she said to me after a while. It was great to see her having fun and being looked after by her friend. I just know she is going to have a marvelous first year of Kinder next term. She has been asking to go back every few days since the visit.

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A Pleasant House said...

So sweet. I remember how I felt as each one of my children entered the 'WORLD' for the first time. Sometimes I think these experiences are harder on us then our children. Thanks for bringing up wonderful memories for me.

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