Friday, 2 August 2013

Warming up to Kinder!

continuing on from this post..

After the school holidays Nevaeh went to her first day.
She came home from her first day telling me that some little boy punched her in the face.
"It's okay Mum, I pushed him over into the sand pit." she said quite proudly.
I think having a big brother may help with some of these little toughies at her kinder.
The second day she didn't want to go but once she got there she was fine.
It's been a blessing to have a family friend picking her up and dropping her off on Tues and Thurs.
In two days alone I would be spending $60 on taxi's. $15 there and $15 back. Twice a week.
And that is not including peak hour.
So a would be, could be, $90 week in transport is only costing me $30.
God is so good to us.
And to the friend driving Nevaeh to and from Kinder.
I'm paying him $10 and a coffee every morning!
What a bargain.
On a whole Nevaeh loves her kinder.
And although Hosanna and her don't always get along, I'm glad she is there with her.
My little blossom is growing up way too fast.
My baby no more.

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Susan Evans said...

I think it's interesting that children are taught not to defend themselves from other kids. Kids can be quite violent, and often it's too late when an adult is finally present. I know that Jesus didn't fight back, but the automatic instinct of all people who are alive is to try to stay alive. I had to laugh at what your daughter said. Apparently she didn't get into trouble.

Ruben said...

First of all, thank you.
Thank you for investing in children through childrens ministers by blogging about your experiences on Melissa Baker, and sharing your learnings openly.

Please know how incredible this is. And be encouraged to keep going.

I hope and pray that even more childrens ministers will be inspired, find solutions to their struggles, will be encouraged not to stop serving, and be inspired to grow their gifts.

We recognize that these are incredible times to live in, where technology allows childrens ministers around the world to encourage each other. As for ourselves, we use technology to reach out to children globally as well.

We’re developing the world’s first videogame that takes kids through the Bible from beginning to end. Our hope is to increase the love for God’s Word amongst kids.

We dream to see fathers and sons going through the Bible together, having fun as they become part of David’s army, spend time in the fish as Jonah, and play level after level, leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection.

In order to steward this immense project well, we’re building relationships with childrens ministers like you. You know the kids in your community. We like to ask your input by allowing you to look behind the scenes, have your kids/families play demo game levels before they go public, etc. You may also recommend a few people you think would be of interest.

Additionally, we can provide you with plenty of interesting “blog-food” (concept art, images, etc) if you feel that this could benefit your subscribers.

If you’d like more information, shoot me a quick reply to the email address below.

connect (at) tornadotwins (dot) com

Sarah H. said...

So cute!

My little girl just started preschool and came home saying a boy bit her and it's true she had a little bite mark on her! She said she slapped him and told the teacher. I told her she did the right thing telling the teacher and it is okay to defend herself, just never hit someone with no reason. She is pretty feisty but she also has a very kind heart, so I worry about her getting taken advantage of in preschool.

Honestly, it also kind of irks me that she tells me all the boys pick on the girls and make them cry. When did this become okay for boys to do?

Your daughter looks adorable, I am glad she is (otherwise) having a good time at preschool!

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