Tuesday, 12 November 2013

200 Questions - ANSWERED!

1: Are you ready for 200 questions? Ready as I'll ever be..
2: Was your last relationship a mistake? I don't believe so.. 
3: Do you miss your last relationship? Parts of it..
4: Who did you last say "i love you" to? My Daughter before she went to Preschool..
5: Do you regret it? No..
6: Have you ever been depressed? Yes.. But never severely like some people do..
7: Are you a boy or girl? I am a woman..
8: Are you insecure? No, I dont think I am..
9: What is your relationship status? Married..
10: How do you want to die? From old age and painless..
11: What did you last eat? Vegemite on toast..
12: Have you played any sports? A lot, but netball was my favorite..
13: Do you bite your nails? I used to have a bad habit of biting them. I dont bite them anymore..
14: When was your last physical fight? 3 years ago maybe..
15: Do you have an attitude? I have a positive attitude most of the time..
16: Do you like someone? I like a lot of people..
17: What is your real name? Melissa Anne Fletcher
18: Have you ever read a book? I have read hundreds of books in my lifetime. Just finished reading "The Twits" to the kids last night..
19: Are you gonna get high later? No, what kind of question is that?
20: Do you hate anyone at the moment? Hate.. Hmm.. No, I dont think I really "hate" anyone.
21: Do you miss someone? I do, I miss my Nana, my childhood dog and my friends in Brisbane.
22: Twirl or cut your spaghetti? I cut my spaghetti. My kids twirl..
23: Do you tan a lot? Look at me.. I don't need to..
24: Have any pets? Yes two beautiful boys.. Altius & Matthias.
25: How exactly are you feeling? I feel great today. Absolutely stress free.
26: Ever eaten food in a car while someone else or you are driving? Yes, usually Ice cream..
27: Ever made out in a bathroom? No not so much in "a" bathroom but a few times in my bathroom.
28: Would you take any of your exes back? That's a hard one. No, I dont think so. I believe the past is in the past for a reason..
29: Are you scared of spiders? Only ones that have the potential of hurting me. But little ones or daddy long legs I can squish with my fingers..
30: Would you go back in time if you were given the chance? No, no way.. too much to look forward to..
31: Do you regret anything from your past? I'd maybe do a few things differently but I dont think I regret anything. I did the best I could do in certain situations with the knowlegde that I had at the time. I am now wiser because of it.
32: What are your plans for this weekend? No plans as yet..
33: Do you want to have kids? Jiedyn and Nevaeh. 7 and 4.
34: Did you ever kiss someone whose name starts with an M? Matthew, Michael & another Matthew.
35: Do you type fast? Not fasts.. I have seen people type a lot faster than me.
36: Do you have piercings? My ears.
37: Want anymore? Nope, quite content with just my ears.
38: Can you spell well? YES! but I do use spellchecker if something doesnt look right..
39: Do you miss anyone from your past? Yes.. too many to name..
40: What are you craving right now? A Bath with my new bath salts
41: Ever been to a bonfire party? Yes, I had one last year. But the best one was on the beach in Coffs Harbor. It was a memorable night.
42: Ever had a silly band? No, but a friend and I made up dances and changed the lyrics of songs.
43: Have you ever been on a horse? I grew up around horses at a young age but the last time.. I went horse riding on my 13th birthday. 
44: Kissed someone in a pickup truck? No..
45: Have you ever broken someone’s heart? I'm not sure, I hope not </3
46: Have you ever been cheated on? Yes, in my last three relationships.
47: Have you ever made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry? Not in front of me I don't think..
48: Are you thinking of someone right now? No, not really.
49: Would you live with someone without marrying them? No.
50: What should you be doing? Cleaning, doing my dishes and pulling meat out of freezer for dinner.
51: What’s irritating you right now? Noise. 
52: Have you ever liked someone so much that it hurts? No. I don't know. Maybe.
53: Does somebody love you? I know I am loved.. 
54: What is your favorite color? Pink at the moment..
55: Have you ever changed clothes in a car? Yes. While camping.
56: Milk chocolate or white chocolate? Milk! 
57: Do you have trust issues? No. I had this conversation to a friend a few months ago. I trust. Regardless of if I think they could, would or not. I trust. Because at the end of the day, I know I am faithful and they know I am a good woman so they would have to then live with the guilt and it would hurt them more. I would believe in them until they gave me reason not to. And If they tell me than obviously they care about me enough to make it work.
58: Best friends name? Jesus
59: 2nd best friends name? Penny
60: 3rd best friends name? Zoe
61: Longest relationship? 5 years.
62: Do you believe your most recent ex thinks about you? Yes, every day.
63: Who was the last person you cried in front of? My Dad. 
64: Do you give out second chances too easily? One chance, and one chance only.
65: Is it easier to forgive or forget? Forgive.. Maybe not always easy, but easier..
66: Is this year the best year of your life? I have grown a lot this year but maybe not my best year.
67: What was your childhood nickname? Missy Mousey.. 
68: Have you ever walked outside completely naked? Yes, while skinny dipping at a friends pool..
69: Favorite food? Chicken Souvlaki from Gorges fish shop!
70: Do you believe everything happens for a reason? I don't believe anything is coincidental so yes..
71: What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night? Kissed my kids goodnight, set my alarm and plugged my phone charger into my phone..
72: Did you have dream last night? Yes.
73: What is bothering you? Bills.. Christmas and Birthdays..
74: Have you ever been out of state? I have lived in three states in Australia..
75: Do you play the Wii? Yes, played it on Saturday night by myself..
76: Are you listening to music right now? No..
77: Do you like Chinese food? Some.. But I can cook it better than what I can buy it, for a lot cheaper too..
78: Who are you texting right now? No..
79: Are you afraid of the dark? Yes.. Darkness scares me.
80: Is cheating ever okay? Never.
81: Are you mean? I can be. People say I used to be mean, I try not to be mean. My kids think I'm mean.
82: Can you keep white shoes clean? No..
83: What year has been your best? 2012.. Baptised, engaged and married..
84: Do you believe in true love? I don't know. 
85: Favorite weather? Warm weather..
86: Do you like the snow? Yes, as long as I can visit and leave when I'm ready..
87: Does it snow a lot where you live? No.
88: Do you like the outdoors? I do. I love wide open spaces.
89: Are you currently bored? No.
90: Do you want to get married? I'm married.
91: Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby? No. I dont like it. 
92: Are you hungry? No.
93: Have you ever made out for more than a half hour straight? No, ewe, have you?
94: What makes you happy? Life..
95: Would you change your name? No..
96: Ever been to Alaska? Nope..
97: Ever been to Hawaii? No..
98: Do you watch the news? Never.
99: Do you love MTV? Nope..
100: Do you like subway? I do like subway. Terriakki Chicken with lettuce, cheese and onion. 
101: Would it be hard to kiss the last person you kissed? Yes, she is at preschool.
102: Your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do? Love them too but tell them I value their friendship more than anything more.
103: Do you talk like your friends? Yes.
104: Why did you decide to do this quiz? I saw a few questions I'd have never answered before..
105: Have you ever seen someone you knew and purposely avoided them? Yes. My parents or foster parents while an adolescent. 
106: Do you have a friend of the opposite sex who you can act your complete self around? It's pretty hard not to be myself.. 
107: Who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to? Daniel, Mark and Jie..
108: Do you feel good? yes.
109: Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with? Jesus.
110: Favorite lyrics right now? Ellie Goulding- How Long will I love you
111: Can you count to one million? Yes.. do you have all day?
112: Ever bought condoms? Yes.. for myself and for my friends.
113: Ever gotten pregnant? Yes.. twice!
114: Ever failed a class? Yes.. math & science.
115: Ever kissed a boy? Yes.. my son.
116: Ever kissed a girl? Yes.. when I was 13 while playing spin the bottle in a paddock.
117: Ever used a little paper bag for lunch? Yes. I dont think I ever owned a lunchbox.
118: Have you ever had a job? Yes.. a few.
119: Have you ever slipped on ice? Haha, yep! 
120: Have you ever missed the bus? Plenty of times.
121: Have you left the house without money? Not very often now-a-days. Everything costs money.
122: Did you ever bully someone on the internet? No.
123: Did you ever textsexed someone? No.
124: Have you ever had sex in public? Yes.. but not in front of the public.
125: Did you ever played on a sports team? Yes, Catani..
126: Have you ever smoked weed? For 5 years.
127: Have you ever smoked cigarettes? For 7 years..
128: Have you ever smoked a cigar? maybe twice..
129: Have you ever drank alcohol? Wine and vodka mostly
130: Have you ever watched “The Breakfast Club”? Honestly no..
131: Have you ever been overweight? Currently obese.
132: Ever had an eating disorder? No.
133: Ever been to a wedding? Yes, my aunties and my own.
134: Ever been in a wedding? My own.
135: Have you ever made fun of someone for being fat? I have..
136: Have you ever been on the computer for 5 hours straight? I have..
137: Have you ever watched TV for 5 hours straight? I have..
138: Ever been late for work? No.
139: Ever been late for school? Yes.
140: Ever kissed in the rain? Yes.. not as romantic as tv though!
141: Did you ever showered with someone else? Yes. My husband and my kids.
142: Did you ever fail a driver’s test? No.
143: Have you ever run a mile in less than 10 minutes? Nope, who does that?
144: Ever been outside my home country?  Nope.. Why would I want to?
145: Ever been on a road trip longer than 5 hours? Yes.
146: Have you ever gotten your heart broken? Yes and it hurts.
147: Ever had a credit card? No and never want one..
148: Ever been to a professional sports game? Plenty of times..
149: Have you ever broken a bone? Yes, my nose bone.
150: Have you ever been unhappy about your weight? Yes.
151: Have you ever won a trophy in your life? Yes.
152: Have you ever cut yourself for no reason? No.
153: Have you had an STD? No, never.
154: Ever got engaged? Yes, last year.
155: Have you ever been on a diet? Yes, the Keto diet.. It worked.
156: Have you ever been on TV? Yes. Studio audience for burgos catch phrase and also BTN.
157: Ever rode in a taxi? Every week sometimes twice a week.
158: Ever been to prom? Nope.
159: Ever played a drinking game? Yes, beer pong..
160: Ever stayed up for 24 hours or more? Yes, the joys of having kids.
161: Ever been to a concert? Yes, Missy Elliot, J-Wess and Britney Spears. Also went to Sonfest.
162: Ever had a three-some? No, and never willingly will.
163: Have you ever had a crush on someone of the same sex? No. I do perve on good looking girls though..
164: Have you ever been in a car accident? Yes.. Not a severe one thank goodness.
165: Ever had braces? No..
166: Did you ever learn another language? French, Italian & Indonesian
167: Ever killed an animal? Yes, chooks
168: Ever been to a Japanese steakhouse? No?
169: Do you wear make-up? not often.
170: Did you ever talked to someone via webcam? Yes, my uncle and a few friends.
171: Did you ever have wisdom teeth taken out? Nope..
172: Have you ever lived with someone with a different race than yourself? Yes.
173: Did you ever sneak out of your parents house? Many times..
174: Have you ever bought porn? I haven't.
175: Ever had a virus on your computer? Yes.
176: Ever dyed your hair? Red.. only ever red.
177: What was the last thing you brought? Petrol for my besty and a 2ltr milk for us both to enjoy a cuppa this morning after dropping the kids off at school and preschool.
178: Have you ever graduated from college? No.
179: Did you ever wear someone else’s clothes? I did..
180: Ever rode in an ambulance? Yes, for an asthma attack.
181: Ever rode in a helicopter? Yes, when I was 11 at my Dad's Christmas breakup party.
182: Ever caught the stove on fire? No..
183: Ever got in a verbal fight? Yeah, who hasn't?
184: Ever meet someone famous? Yes. Ian Thorp, Michael Klim, Matthew Richardson, Matthew Knights, Missy Elliot, J-Wess, Robert Dipierdomenico, Dave Hughes, Ryan Fitzgerald, Kim Clijsters, Michael Beaven, Shane Warne, Brett Lee, Sam Childers, Nick Vujicic etc. 
185: Have you ever been on vacation? Yes. 
186: Ever been on an airplane? No.
187: Ever been on a boat? Yes. A glass bottom boat, a few ferries, a few paddle boats etc.
188: Ever broken something expensive? No.
189: Did you ever have surgery in your life time? Yes on my nose.
190: Did you ever kiss someone before you were 14? Yes. 3 boys..
191: Ever beat a video game? Crash Bandicoot, GTA, Mario and Alex the kid on the Sega.
192: Ever got in a fist fight? Of course.
193: Did you ever find something valuable on the ground? No, I found $50 once.
194: Did you ever stalk someone on facebook/ MySpace? Yes.. That's how I got back in contact with my besty and also how I found my cousins whom my uncle hadn't seen or heard from in over 10 years. Now they have been united and he now enjoys time with his grandchildren.
195: Have you ever prank called someone? Many of times.
196: What are your top 3 favorite colors? green, pink and teal blue..
197: What is your number 1 favorite sport? To play - Netball/To watch - AFL
198: What’s your favorite singer/rapper? Missy Higgins.
199: What is your number 1 favorite animal? and why? Giraffe.. I just find them so beautiful.
200: Did you think this looked like fun to do? Yeah. I learned a lot about myself.

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floodproofmum said...

I learnt a lot about you too :) Some very random questions in that lot. Well done! Cheers, Tanya

Anonymous said...

Learned a lot about you based on this one! I hope I'd have time today to answer these questios... i am craving for it! :D

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