Friday, 29 November 2013

Jiedyn turns Eight!

My amazing son is 8 today!

Here are 8 random facts about our beautiful boy..

1. Jiedyns last hour as a seven year old was spent snuggling up to his little sister until she fell asleep while watching Sponge Bob!
2. Jie's first word was "Yeah".
3. His favorite color is gold!
4. Jie's favorite gifts were his new walkie talkies, electronic safe, metal detector and of course his pokemon movies, books & Wii game!
5. Jiedyn's last prayer as a 7 year old was spent thanking his heavenly father that his mum could afford special gifts for him for today..
6. Jie's only request for his special day was for a custard tart instead of a birthday cake!
7. He still has his cute dimples when he smiles which he has always had..
8. Jie is a fun, good hearted, smart & loving boy. He is a delightful child to raise. Never expects and never disobeys or disrespects me.. He is just beautiful and perfect for this family.

We love our Jie.. What is your favorite memory of or with Jie?

Jiedyn celebrated with his two besties Jacob and Toby..

We ate pancakes for dinner..

And had birthday cake and jelly for dessert..

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