Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Melbourne Cup Day 2013

Today I ..

How beautiful was the weather today? I don't think I remember a Melbourne Cup Day being so beautiful and warm. This morning I printed out the form guide of all the horses, they're names and numbers along with a few other bots and pieces to make picking a winner exciting for the kids. For the last 4 years Jiedyn has always picked color's just as Nevaeh chose to do today and has done the last two years. But today Jie changed tactics making his selection based on the horse with the most amount of wins in it's last 10 starts. Just a small reminder that he is now getting older and understanding the bigger picture to what is going on around him. Nevaeh picked a purple and orange uniformed horse while Jie found a horse with 4 wins out of 10. I picked mine using my all time favorite tactic at looking at the horses who have placed the most in their last 10 races because I think they are preparing and/or are ready for a win.  

After the horses were picked out and breakfast was done I was soon packing a bag for the kids to go over to their Dad's for a few hours. Because I don't have a TV I wanted to watch the race but didn't want to take the kids to the busy pub so Matt offered to have them while I went providing I'd pay him and have some lunch in their bags. I did just to have two hours (not even) to myself.

When the kids got picked up, I got ready and headed off to the local pub. I enjoyed just sitting and watching a game of pool played by a few mates while I sipped a scotch and coke. My friend Kelvene and I were sending texts and photos to say "cheers" to which I must have looked weird taking photos of my glass then laughing out loud and smiling at my phone. It was nice to have a bit of fun.

The race surely did stop the nation this year. As the horses took to the track the crowd gathered at both ends of the lounge area within the pub and focused their eyes of the wide screens hanging on the walls. Everyone got excited as the race started and there was a few "Good luck mate's" as the horses made their first lap. Jiedyn's horse was coming second in the first 500 meters. I thought of how excited I knew he'd be. Again I was smiling. Another few sips and people were pumping their fists yelling out the names of their chosen horses, hissing and spitting and cursing and shouting "Get up!".. As the horses crossed the finish line the pub fell silent. I kid you not it felt awkward as people just stared at the TV's blank faced. It was strange. I had been raised around pubs more than 50% of my life. To be honest, I love the atmosphere of a pub as it's familiar and brings back crazy and fun memories of my childhood. But never in my whole life have I felt so awkward. It was bizarre. I sipped the rest of my drink as chatter started to fill the room again. I got up and left. It was totally totally weird..

I called Matt on the way home to see how the kids were. He said he'd meet me at my place. I had at least another 10 minutes at least on my own if I dawdled home, so I made the most of it and got my favorite ice-cream. One I haven't had in a good while that I actually forgot how good they actually were!

Just as promised, Matt was there with the kids. And stumped for ideas of what we could do for the rest of the day I told the kids to get their bathers/togs on. I skipped next door to grab a nozzle for our hose before dousing the kids in sun cream until they were both whiter than they are. 

For half an hour they played and squealed around the sprinkler. I found a shady spot to sit and just enjoyed watching them interact. Life really is bliss. We have it good in this country but we also have it good in this neighborhood. We have amazing neighbors, we're walking distance to shops, hospital and medical centres and schools. God knew exactly what he was doing placing us here. He sure does provide for his children. I so appreciate this life I have. And with this warmer weather and Teflon ordered for our BBQ I have a feeling this summer is going to be one of the best! 


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