Wednesday, 9 April 2014

♫♪ Everything is Awesome ♫♪

Good things come it 2's right? 
Remember this post?
Today we crossed off a visit out of town. 
We all agreed on a destination,
and we didn't let the miserable weather stop us!

We left home via Taxi to the train station.
We put money on our MyKi's and validated them.
And soon we were on our way.
Nevaeh loved looking out her window.
The kids played I spy all the way there.
Once in sunshine we walked to the cinema.
We paid for our tickets.
We had a two hour wait for our session.
So we had lunch.
We did some shopping, 
And we had fun at the gaming arcade.. 

Nevaeh loved Basketball.
And riding the horses. 
While Jie loved smashing Crocs.
And spinning the mass-bass wheel to earn more tickets.
Before long we made our way to the snacks line.
We didnt wait very long and made our order.
And then we waited. 
And waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.
Until the doors opened and we went in.
Nevaeh was very excited being her first time.
We got good seats.
Third last row, middle and to the right. 
Both kids sat either side of me.
But Nevaeh had Jie move over so she could sit between us.
But then somehow ended up on my lap.
Mid movie, she started singing "Everything is Awesome".
I hard a few people laugh.
It was very cute.
Jie didn't once take his eyes off the screen.
His eyes were stuck like glue.
After the movie people made their way out.
The kids and I stayed behind a while to sing along to the credits.
We did a toilet stop.
Then made our way back to Big W to buy school & Kinder clothes.
Warm jackets and pants and jumpers.
On our way out of the plaza it was raining, and getting dark.
I was forced to buy an (awesome) umbrella.
The train station and train was packed.
But the kids got a seat each and I stood beside Nevaeh.
Another Taxi brought us home and I was exhausted.
What a fun family day!
What an Awesome movie!
And what a relief it was to be home..

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Mommys Juice said...

Cute post & I love the photo backdrop. New follower from the Tuesday hop. Hope you can stop by sometime:

Felicia said...

It sounds and looks like you all had a lot of fun! I need to find some time to go out of town with my family. It would be nice to get a bit of a break from reality and have some fun!

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