Monday, 28 April 2014

The WOW Factor Birthday Gift

This year I got the easy job!
ner ner ner-ner ner..

When our beautiful girl left our home to spend the weekend with her father last weekend, my heart melted a little. 
The next time I'd see her she would be five! 
But I soon warmed to the idea of her spending her birthday away from home.
No party to plan.
No cake to bake.
No streamers to tape to my newly painted lounge room.
No sugar highs, sticky fingers everywhere, ballons to blow up, 
and most of all no mess or stress!
This year I could just shower her with gifts.
Keeping with the same theme as last year I bought her a gift per age.
Five gifts for being five!!
I think I hit the jackpot with her opening one and saying..
"This is the best birthday present I ever got! Your the best Mum in the whole world!"
A dinosaur..
Little People Corner Market..
A 572 piece Craft Box..
Little People Farm Set with a tractor and Video.. (The WOW factor)
& A Wooden Train Set!

Happy Birthday Precious Girl.
And never forget how loved you are. 

With love Mum. 

4 replied:

Kelly Parry said...

Aww Mel - your kids are so happy!! There is joy right there.

Samantha said...

Happy birthday Nevaeh!
I think Luke would have so much fun playing with you - he loves dinosaurs and he got a train set for his birthday too!

And Mel, don't worry. Luke is with me for his birthday every year and I don't ever throw a party! Someone I knew spent $1000 on their sons first birthday party - woah.

Anonymous said...

Awww... That is incredibly adorable. Such an AWESOME birthday for her :)

Buife D. Nomeh said...

Happy birthday to her. May she continue to grow in the knowledge of the Lord.

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