Sunday, 27 April 2014

My New Toy

Just before Easter I was in search of a camera, or phone with a good camera or both. I started out with a search on ebay typing in Iphone 4S because I love the quality of the photos I see on instagram with most of my friends on there owning and using them. After seeing prices I was soon avoiding the phone. Also I have always used android phones so using an Iphone for me was a bit of a daunting thought.

I looked around a little more. Searched a few more words like "Android phone" which eventually turned into "Digital camera" which eventually turned into "Digital camera, auto focus, 14 megapixels" and then from there I was searching for a camera with higher mega pixels.

I decided to give it a rest for a few days.

The more I took photos with my phone the more I wanted a better quality camera. So once again I searched around without really knowing what I actually wanted.

A few hours later I was searching Nikon cameras.

Then the Nikon D5000 caught my eye!

It was literally love at first sight.

 I knew I had to have one.

A CHEAP one!

Long story short, I got one.

For more than half the regular retail price.

So say hello to my little friend..

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Samantha said...

I have an iPhone 4 (not S). Still going strong after almost four years. But yes, they are expensive. I bought it when I had a full time job and could pay the bill.

How much was this one, Mel, and where did you get it? I'd so love an SLR camera

itstidytime said...

We just got a D5100 and love love love it! Also for about half retail (thank you eBay!) So glad to connect on here..thanks for the heads up on Bloggy Moms :)

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