Sunday, 19 October 2014

My Sons Bedroom Reveal

For four days last week I had been hard at work. After finishing my daughters bedroom two short months ago.. Photo's here.. I lost a little motivation to get stuck into my sons room. It took a lot of work and time and patience to plaster, tape, cut in, paint and fiddle around with the high gloss enamel (which I have a love-hate relationship with) for the trims, door and window frames and door itself. But I got there in the end. Interior decorating is something I love to do and with Jie wanting a beached themed naughtical/fishing room I sure had my work cut out. Living far away from the beach in a small country town I was surprised I found anything. But find things I did! and let's face it - Ebay came in handy too!

So here is a look at my 8 year old sons brand new Bedroom!

Plastering and covering holes.

Before walls.

Before walls.

Nevaeh painting Elephants and Rainbows.

Jie's New Room!

Jie's Space


Spare bed space.

World Map (He wanted)

Cork Board.

Two tone furniture, Bag hook and New TV*

Boat Bag Hook.
Toy Box and Book Case.
What do you think guys? 
Anything you see Pin worthy?
Jie doesn't mind sharing..

*Special thanks to Mark Shilling for Jie's new flat screen TV!

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Nicole Budiman said...

I love what you've done Mel... I bet Jie is thrilled with his new room. The mirrors are a great idea!

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