Friday, 24 October 2014

The Wait is Finally Over!

As of 10 days ago I am now again a student!
After completing a course in community services last year I was was so excited to finally do something for myself away from my kids. The day the course was completed my trainer pulled me aside to let me know that she really believed that Youth Work was a great goal for me and that she believed that I could achieve it. She told me to skip the certificate 3 in community services and to go straight into the Certificate 4 in Youth Work. Still today that means so much to me as I now believe in myself more than ever before. I'm finally able to continue making my dream of working with youth homelessness a reality.
So as of the 14th of October, I became a student of Australia's largest online course provider when I enrolled into their Certificate 4 in Youth Work! The course is completely delivered online with a large online and offline support base. I am studying through Open Colleges and all their certificates are recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework. The course is a 18 month course and is self paced which means that I have the opportunity to complete it before the time frame or it can be extended at a small fee. Everything is completely done online so I can study anywhere at anytime providing I can connect the internet. So far I am enjoying the first module and perfer to study at night.. I'm yet to advise a study plan to stick to but it's something I'll definately be investing in. So there you have it..I'm on my way towards a career I've been passionate in doing for longer than you've known me and I'm completely motivated and loving it! 

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Anonymous said...

Great news! What a wonderful way to help others in need. Hope you are able to get a study routine, its hard but worth it. Thanks for visiting my blog this weekend, too!

Gentle Joy said...

Congratulations... hope all goes well. :)

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