Sunday, 5 October 2014


listening:  to Nova.
making: Muffins for the kids lunchboxes this week.
cooking: Parmesan cheese drumsticks.  The kids love them.
drinking: Ginger Ale.
wanting: More sunshiny days. To complete the painting. An antenna. 
looking: for a new vacuum cleaner. 
singing: Ed Sherran - Thinking out loud 
playing: on the trampoline daily with the kids.
wasting: a lot of money on take away.
wishing: My best friend lived closer. 
eating: Lindt Chocolate. My absolute fave!
enjoying: The school holidays with friends and family. 
readingNothing right now, comment something you'd recommend.
waiting: For Christmas. I can't wait for Christmas this year..
growing: Beans, Capsicum, Tomatos, Carrots, Strawberries, Raspberries, Beetroot, Corn and Herbs. 
liking: Who I am today. Snapchat. 
wondering: What to do with myself next year. To work or study or work and study..
closing: a chapter no longer worth fighting for.
dreaming: Of a love that could last forever.
loving: Instagram. Sleep ins. My kids being home for the holidays. Late nights. The color BLUE!
hoping:  My besty enjoyed her night out tonight.
rating: 1980's and 1990's movies as some of my all time faves.
marveling: at our seeds growing. 
needing: a good girls night out! Cuddles. 
smelling: People having BBQ's. Bring on Summer!
smiling: At how he makes me feel.
wearing: My nightie at night. (fake) Gold.
following: #BBAU
protecting: My heart. My children.
knowing: Lifes too short.
thinking: so much I can't sleep.
feeling: Confused and unsure.
bookmarking: Christmas Advent activities for this year
noticing: My son growing up.. Christian friends distancing themselves.
opening: up and letting people in. Then getting scared and shutting them out again. Sorry.
giggling: at how hopeless I am on the trampoline these days and some song lyrics.
praying for: answers.
needing: clarity. 

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Just Aise said...

Lol I love this feature. It's interesting to see how many things we can do at once without it really being visible to others...laughing, thinking, feeling, etc.

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