Monday, 29 September 2014

School Holiday Fun with the Cousins!

Jeanette, Janai and Hiram came to not only came to visit us these school holidays but actually stayed for a few nights. We all had an amazing time eating junk food, playing games, watching movies, slumbering in the lounge room, jumping on the trampoline getting our nails done, playing the wii and sipping spiders at our favorite cafe. 

 It was fun and exciting getting to know the kids again after not seeing them for around 5 years. 

They really opened up to me with many issues impacting their lives and I will continually be praying for each of them individually and as a whole. They are all so individually unique and beautiful in their own ways I thoroughly enjoyed hearing their hearts and being able to share with them things I'd been wanting to tell them for a long time now. It was so good to be able to be open and honest to them and just enjoy them for who they now are. They are all so different to how I remember them but in small ways some things about them will never change. 

I love my nieces and nephew and look forward to making many more moments and memories with

them in the near future..
If your reading this Jeanette, Janai and Hiram, 
Aunty loves you guys so so much!!
I'm only ever a phone call away..
Praying for you guys..
See you all again soon..

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