Monday, 8 September 2014

Father's Day Done..

So I saw a post yesterday by someone I follow on instagram which really encouraged me to write more. To share anything and everything. So here I am at 1am writing without really knowing what it is I want to write about.

The last three days I have been sick with flue like symptoms. Yesterday it really knocked me for six. I spent most of my day sucking on Strepsils and sleeping. I did get 4 loads of washing done between conciseness and unconsciousness which I bought in today and is still sitting on the couch ready to be folded. I made sure the kids spent some time outside in the sunshine while I made myself a big bowl of roast potatoes to munch on after 2pm. The kids were winding each other up and all I could think about was mowing the lawns again. I hate it when it gets too long. But my body wasn't working for me. Hot and cold sweats. Sore throat. Weak. It was hopeless even thinking about everything that needed doing. I settled for an early night.

Today I felt a lot better than yesterday. I had an amazing sleep in which cost me a packed of corn chips which isn't bad in comparison to this time last year when Nevaeh would eat all the school snacks, any lollies or chocolate and biscuits. A packet of corn chips was worth the sleep in!

So 11am I woke up. Listened to hear who was up. No Wii noise meant that Jie was still asleep but the Radio was on and the rattling of a chip packet gave Nevaeh away! I turned over to reach for my phone. I checked the time, then my instagram (my obsession) and checked the weather. I called my Dad. He answered pretty much straight away. I loved that. I love him wanting me to call him. lthough he fathered my sister and brother I am the only one giving him a call today. We spoke a little. He was eating KFC while reading the paper. He made a few comments about the sports section and we said goodbye. Short and sweet is how we did it this year. 

I layed in bed a little longer and Nevaeh came in to snuggle. "Good morning Mum! Did you have a good sleep?" she said the way she always says it. I just snuggled her. I felt like I could sleep for days. I smelt the corn chips and she came clean straight away. Jie must have heard us chatting because he yelled out "Good morning Mum!" from his room. Knowing there was no milk.. or bread.. or cereal for Nevaeh I had to get up and organize a shopping list. 

Nevaeh called her father.

Jie dressed himself wearing board shorts for the first time since last summer. Nevaeh put on a dress and her fairy wings before scurrying around the house for her purse. She barely had $1 in change but she liked being a big girl. I found something to throw on and after looking in the mirror I needed make up to cover up the bags under my eyes.

We left the house after 12pm. I called Matt last minute to see if he wanted to catch up and have lunch at the park. Because shopping was on my to-do list we settled on fish 'n chips. Plus it's my Dad's favorite food so it was perfect for this beautiful Fathers Day afternoon. Matt whinged a little before finally accepting.
Nevaeh and her Daddy!
We met him at the end of the street. Nevaeh ran up to him giving him his Fathers Day gifts. I didn't realize how hard it was to be nice to someone so cold and nasty. I've changed. With no respect shown to me or my son I found myself snapping at him over little antagonizing comments. The separation and talk of divorce has changed me. Although he is Nevaeh's Dad he hasn't earnt that title these past 2 years. He is merely any type of support to her or me as he mother. I dont know, I just feel completely alone in raising her especially since her diagnosis. Her dietary requirements are costing me $130+ a week but he is still paying just $49 a month. I don't see how that's fair..

Well the few hours I had in mind of her spending time with her Dad was short lived when he called his Mum just 10 minutes of being at the park. I guess I was expecting a little more from him but again I seemed to expect too much. Although I have expectations of him Nevaeh seems to be happy with him walking in and out of her life the way he does. She was not at all fussed that he was leaving. She loves her daddy so much I guess I just want more from him for her. But I want him to want to be there for her. And do it!

We got around to shopping with this week/fortnights shopping (food) bill coming to $180. 

I made a roast for dinner. Nevaeh helped me make pork balls, chocolate muffins and fruit sticks for play lunches this week for school and kinder. I also prepped 6 jars of salad for myself for this week! Before bed we cleaned a little. Jie cleaned and vacuumed his room, Nevaeh helped sort her toys out and clean her room. Beds were made, books were read and the kids both fell asleep straight away.
A box of little people, her train set, playing babies and animals!
I have since spoke to a friend, done the dishes and cleaned the kitchen and lounge room and thought I'd squeeze a blog post in. And so I did.

Amongst all of this today, Nevaeh managed to paint the cats nails bright pink. Jie bought a new wii game, Nevaeh and I danced to our favorite songs, I had a chat with two good friends, I sent Dad and extra special text message, I bought myself a new pair of shoes and listened to a sermon. 

My new shoes!

I'm now off to bed! My work her is done!


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