Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A trip down memory lane..

So many of my most treasured memories are of a special little spot on our Victorian maps called Warburton! Some of my most precious memories can be found via this post I blogged about earlier in the year.. but last week we made more! Dad took me back to a place I so dearly love and hold near to my heart and together we got to share with my kids everything we about Warburton.. 

It was the beginning of a  beautiful summers day as we packed a picnic lunch of ham and salad sandwhiches, our hats and cold water into a green bag. We put on our shoes and slip slop slapped each other before heading out the door. Jumping into Dad's new four wheel drive for our first little adventure was exciting for us all, except for Jie who went on a fishing trip in it with his Pop just a few short weeks ago. As we drove the kids grew more and more excited with anticipation for what was waiting at the other end of our journey. When we got to the Yarra Junction Dad started reminiscing about old times. He grew up in this neck of the woods and loved telling us his most fond memories about the place. We pulled up and parked along side the Yarra River in Warburton and as the kids got out of the car to stretch their legs Nevaeh spotted a Mama Duck and her ducklings in the water. Both kids ran over to have a closer look as Dad and I wound windows up and  organised ourselves for the walk. We walked along the Yarra with Dad throwing around sarcastic remarks the whole way referring to all the larger women we saw along the way as my sisters. "That's ya sister over there 'in it?.." and referring to a youth in a pirate hat as Captain Feather Sword. We all had a good laugh. Jie walked ahead eager to find the bridges. There were three in the area and Jie was sure to find all three first. The last bridge was the swing bridge. A bridge my brother and I used to ride our bikes to years ago to swing each other on it. The kids and Dad went along it together and I stayed behind to get a photo of them. Dad waited on the otherside for me as I walked over making another lame joke that I'd break it. I jumped a few times and we both laughed. The kids ran ahead to the car as Dad and I talked about the good memories we both had here. We had a picnic lunch and the kids (seeing other kids swimming) were keen to go for a swim. I said no and Dad got to see Jie cracking the shits for the first time. We laughed as he stared with his arms crossed and sour look on his face from a distance. Seeing Dad and I both laughing he turned away swiftly and tried not to smile. We loaded back into the car where Dad then took us to his best mates parents place. gain he shared stories of motor bike riding, fishing, partying, quad bike riding and meeting girls as we past different locations. It was a great day out, the kids fell asleep on the way home and so Dad had a few bets and we listened to the horse racing.

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Very nice post, it seems a great day! xoxo

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Happy New Year!

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