Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Once when I was Seven Years Old..

 My mama told me:
Happy Birthday Princess you're seven today!
My beautiful girl..
Yesterday, my youngest child turned seven. She woke up beside me with whispers of birthday wishes. She jumped up out of bed to open her gifts.. Nevaeh spent her day at school and enjoyed icy poles with her whole grade at lunch time. She came home to flowers at the front door and couldn't wait to tell me how everyone wanted to sit next to the birthday girl today! She came home to more gifts. She loved her new perfume, her new shoes, necklace and earrings. She wore her new dress and jacket out to her dinner party last night where she ordered a Chicken Parma and a Club Soda Lemon Squash. She went all shy when the whole venue sung happy birthday to her. She felt so special and blew all of her candles out.
make a wish princess..
Nevaeh asked for my phone and went around the table taking selfies with some of her guests. It was incredibly cute and a nice reminder of how grown up she is becoming.

Birthday Selfies!

My one and only dream for my daughter is to always be herself.
She is enough.
I love you Nevaeh, Mama's girl.

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