Sunday, 3 April 2016

We are now a family of 7!

As of Monday the 7th of March our family of five became a family of seven! As you are probably aware, I haven't been posting much and now you know why! My nieces Jeanette and Janai have joined their brother and sister Hiram and Justine and are now living with us for a while too. At this stage they will be with us until August but it may be longer. Jeanette, 14, started back at school and is currently doing year eight at BMC. Janai, 10, has joined her brother Hiram and cousins Nevaeh and Jie and now catches the bus to and from BMPS. The transition has been a smooth one and the girls are happy and thriving. It was a big adjustment for them both as I am a lot more strict than what they are both used to but I am proud of how they are both embracing the changes. I hope to find more time to blog in the next few weeks as I really miss documenting our beautiful life and well, because there is always something or someone to blog about now that there are seven of us. I still haven't documented Easter.. I never not document Easter.. Oh gosh! Looking forward to sharing a lot more little bit's of love..
Jeanette (left) and Janai (Right)

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