Thursday, 21 April 2016

Bean Boozle Challenge 2016

Although I am updating this post now I am going to backdate this to the day in which I actually had the kids do the challenge which was on the 21st of April. 

One night, while treating the girls hair with headlice solution (yes, my kids get headlice just as much as the next person) we were watching a few different things on youtube and crossed a video of a little girl on youtube taking the Bean Boozle Challenge with her parents. We all found it very amuzing and my niece Janai thought it would be a good idea if we too took the challenge. 

I am queen for having the kids do fun and silly things and like to find ways to bring us together as a family. So I jumped at the opportunity to have a laugh not realizing how gross these jelly beans really were.

I typed in "Bean Boozled Jellybeans Australia" and up popped an ad for David Jones. I ordered them then and there and the following week, after school one day, I had the kids take the challenge. I thought it would be cruel of me to have my youngest niece participate (She is 4yo) but you can hear her laughing in the background. Jeanette, my oldest niece is also not in it as she was tired that day and took a nap after school. So here is the video of the kids getting Bean Boozled! Enjoy!

My aim was to get my son Jie to puke but in actual fact it was my nephew Hiram and niece Janai who puked that day. After the video Janai challenged me and actually ran to the toilet after chewing on the Peach or Vomit jellybean! I got peach! 

The next day Jeanette challenged me and we had a good laugh but had the rotten egg flavor in our mouth for days after. 

Overall we made memories to last a lifetime with that little box of Jelly Beans. 

Would you take the challenge?

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