Monday, 6 November 2017

Max had Surgery

Yes, you heard correctly. Our 10 month old beautiful labrador had surgery.

Seeing Max off his food, looking very uncomfortable and totally not himself was such a hard thing to see. After 2 days of him acting really strange I took him to the local vet. I took him to after hours and was seen at around 2am early one Monday morning. In the 10 minutes I was there he was given two needles: one anti-nausia and one pain relief and costing me $285. Watching Max closely and seeing that he was no better, not eating or drinking I took him back in at around 9am Monday morning. They put him under observation and on fluids for the day. It was hard us not having him home but we were reassured that it was for the best. We got a phone call the next afternoon that he had perked up and was ready to be picked up. He was on a strict chicken and rice diet and so we bought him home. Thinking that Max was on the mend we went about the next few days but when he refused his chicken and rice, was really stand offish refusing to come near us and self subotaging (digging under the prickle bush out the backyard and throwing himself under it) I took him back to the vet. This time I demanded blood tests and Xrays. He stayed over night on fluids again and when the Xrays and bloods come back "normal" I was stumped. The Vet asked if she could open him up to make sure there was nothing stuck and after much thought I finally agreed to put him under. I just wanted my boy back to normal. So the next afternoon he went into surgery and sure enough they found a plastic cork shaped thing lodged in his intestine. If I hadnt have done surgery he may have died. Needless to say over $2000 later and 50 stitches Max was finally allowed to come home. I also got him spayed while he was under so he was very sore. Strong pain killers were his best friend over those next few days and his stitches healed beautifully. Today, Max is doing so well. No amount of money could buy the love we have for him and the joy he brings to our home.

The day he got his stitches removed
*apparently also available in Coles and Big W

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Joey Resciniti said...

Glad your pup is on the mend. It’s so tough to see them hurting. We have that pig, I think. My little dogs can’t get to the inner parts though. This is a good reminder that you have to be so careful with the more vigorous chewers. Hope you’re able to keep out of the vet’s office from now on!

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