Thursday, 13 October 2011

Back In Time (Thursday)

Now onto some funny memories..

This first one is of the kids bathing together, almost looks innocent enough.. oh, but whats Jiedyn holding? A water gun! Really good for shooting at Mum if she tries to get Nevaeh out of the bath..haha! I even walked past the bathroom door to go toilet and the little rascal got me!!

 Okay, because I'm embarrassing my kids and I'm such a good Mummy, I had to also let you have a laugh at me.. Here I am in my favorite bright purple, orange and green bathers on a holiday at Lakes Entrance. I walked around in these through the caravan park and while boating and fishing.. HEY! I thought I was cool!! Sure to catch me in something like that now haha..

 Now to something a little more cuter.. Little Nevaeh Baker, covered in chocolate from a Billabong Icecream.. Never stopped her from being so cute though!! She ate the lot, and must have thrown the stick once she was finished because we never found it. Once her father cleaned her up she had a great afternoon sleep too!
Chubby Chops! I don't need words for this next one..

 Like father like son went out the window once Jie's father left me, it's now like mother like son..
And here is the last one..

Okay, and one to make you grow..

Okay, and one to make you grow..

3 replied:

K said...

:-) It's always so much fun to read your blog!! :) Greetings from Russia!

Anonymous said...

Thanks K! said...

Cute, cute, cute! My favorite was the little fatty Chubchub pic!

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