Saturday, 11 February 2012

Creativity Captured..

Nevaeh's new lollipop lunchbag.

Jie loving his new lunchbag!

Jie's design.

Jie's Jingles

Get yours here  and check out this {funky lunchbox Mama} who inspired me to start being creative when it comes to Jie's school lunch!

6 replied:

Kelly-Marie said...

Wow these look awesome !

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kelly, Nevaeh smudged her lollipops.. but she loves the star one more then the plain swirl.. It was such an exciting process.. especially because I can draw! Jie wanted a banana on his too but I wasn't game enough to even attempt that. I did the DSi, that was the main thing ;)

Susan Evans said...

So cute!

The Better Baker said...

VERY creative lunch boxes - and children's names too! NICE!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Susan, and thank you for your support and prayers lately xoxo They haven't gone unnoticed! Love a blessings to you mate!

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