Thursday, 23 February 2012

In the books..

Last week Jiedyn brought his very first reader home. I was so excited for him and he wasted no time  in getting his head into his book! Today I had my first parent-teacher interview with his wonderful {Chrisian} teacher and was told of how eagar Jiedyn was to learn and how much pride he takes in his work and accomplishments!

As well as learning to read Jie has also embraced his letters and words. I was astounded the day he come home and could recignise an Ss by sight and tell me the sound it makes! To keep learning fun I ordered those fantastic Lunch Boxes {post here} and started incorporated the letter he was learning each week in his lunch box (eg. Mm for Milo Bar) Let me show you..
Tomorrows Tt theme (two fruits in jelly, custart tart & triangle tasty cheese toast..)

I love doing these so so so much.. that I even pack one for Nevaeh!

I am just loving Jiedyn's first year of school so far and am so super proud of him. Everyday he brings a new story home, something fun and exciting that just melts my heart. He is such a sweety and I can't wait to watch him grow before my eyes.

Lord I love him!

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~Nikki~ said...

I love your lunch box ideas, good job Mum.

Reader Wil said...

Beautiful post! I wish I could go back in time and enjoy life with my children more again.
Thank you for the instructions! The problem is solved. W V is removed. Great!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, its pretty special, he is learning and taking a piece of me with him everyday. I love hearing him talking about what he had for lunch every day and seeing the things he doesn't eat. I can't wait for him to start reading more so I can send little notes in his lunchbox too!

Anonymous said...

Your more than welcome reader Wil! Please visit again sometime :)

Sam-O said...

I am ambivalent about my Little Mans first year of school.

He loves it. His teacher has interesting things to tell me about him, such as how obsessed with death he is and how he came out with "Who is this bloke Jesus?" because they are studying the old testament this term and there is no mention of Jesus but they have begun talking about Easter...

The lunches are driving me mad as is the ironing of uniforms. Homework in Kinder. Meh. Worst of all though has been the school run. I. Hate. It.

So great to hear about Jiedyn and you having such a positive experience. It gives me hope that I will also get there!!

Anonymous said...

At least his asking those questions! He sounds like a great kid.. I try to see the positive in everything we do.. its more fun that way!! Try not to stress or have high expectations.. he will learn in his own time and you'll find a rhythm soon enough!!

Thanks for the message Sam-O! come back soon xoxo

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