Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Question on Everyones Lips!

As I walked through the school gates, extreme excitement filled my heart. The sight of kids of all sizes walking out of the school grounds, laughing, talking among-st one another. It was all becoming too real! 

As I made my way to the pick up zone, there he was, unable to hide his excitement, scouring the sea of faces for a familiar face.

I said quitely - Jiedyn..

"MUM! I love School, I love School, I love School!" Jiedyn said jumping up and down.

I really wish I had have had the video camera with me, it was such a priceless moment.

We walked, we talked, his hand slipped into mine.

We stopped to grab a slushie and together we walked home!

2 replied:

Jane and Chris said...

I know you will treasure that very first piece of school artwork!
Jane x

Anonymous said...

Forever and ever!

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