Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Photo of the day {Tuesday}

When your as sick as I have been yesterday and today, it's so easy to drift through the day without any real appreciation of the little things going on in your home. Most of the day I spent beside my miss resting as she watched her favorite disney movies. After school Jiedyn came home and after getting into trouble for being disobedient he grabbed his little sister's hand and said. "Mums sick and grumpy, let's go play!" I didn't argue, the night before the kids mucked around at bedtime knowing I didn't have the energy to battle them. Good thing a friend stepped in to encourage them to honor their mum, it took just a few minutes for them both to fall asleep.

Tonight I captured our photo of today, Jie helping to broaden Nevaehs vocabulary and also encouraging her to count with him. I am so blessed to have two children with such an eagerness to learn. Nevaeh, three, can already say her full abc's. I didn't teach her, but I bet you can guess who did!!

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