Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A peaceful afternoon..

Today , after school, the kids and I went with my brother for a swim. A few days before he came across a beautiful goose and took photos to show me. Today we got to see this marvelous creature as well as swim only meters away from it..

At the end of our swim, the kids and I went to pose for a few photos before we were interrupted by a whirring dragonfly which, by the photo below, must have caught all of our eyes before the photo of all three of us.. 

 It was an amazingly peaceful afternoon..

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Vicky Fida said...

You guys had a lovely time! I'm jealous! Is the weather warm enough to go swimmng? I MISS SUMMEEEEEER!

*Melodie68 * said...

De jolis moments si importants ;) très belles photos :)

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