Thursday, 14 February 2013

Photo of my life:

Not knowing which direction to take right now.
But loving the journey.
I guess we all get this way sometimes.

I have been on centrelink for the past seven years raising and enjoying my children. I haven't missed a "first" yet and am both thankful and grateful for it!! I'm not rich, I barely scrape through but one day, not too far away, I too will join the workforce so that other mothers will also get the same opportunity or should I say privileges that I have had!! My Dad and I always joke about how although I dont live at home, he still supports me. With his taxes per year he supports me and some.. My kids are being raised by me, their mother, and yes that in itself is lacking if you see some of the little turds my son now goes to school with.. I am a proud stay at home Mum and indigenous Australian, what an honor it is to live in a country which allows you to be a Mummy..

 I feel so fortunate for the opportunity to watch my kids grow up, watch their personalities and interests change and to be able to teach them things like manners, sharing, how to be responsible and respectful. I have always provided a well kept home for them, spent one-on-one time with each of them but most of all I encourage them to be their own people, to give freely, to live lovingly and to be grateful for the things they have.

When Jie started school last year, things changed remarkably. The hours spent to raise my child were washed over with the filth of school yard bullies and more authority figures. I was no longer a part of who he was becoming and he started overruling me with things he was being taught at school. I spend all of 4 hours with him a day and I feel myself missing him. I dont know how parents do it.

Nevaeh is three. A very mature three. Next year she will start her adventure into the education system and start kinder. This is the last year I will have with her before most of her day hours too will be filled with music and  friendships and playing and new adventures. Only one more year to encourage her to be what I would consider to be a respectful child.

On top of all that, I am considering working for the first time since I was 15.
Am I crazy?
What am I thinking?

Pros and Cons please..

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Summer Perdew said...

Love this post!! So much truth into it. I have been so hurt with the things my children have learned at school by other children who's parents let them run loose and do what ever they want. I too was fortune enough to stay home and experience all of my children's firsts and I wouldn't take anything for that. But I have been a stay home for the better part of 14 years now and I believe I'm way past ready to return to work. But I feel I have long since fell behind in the workforce. I no longer have a good work history. What I have seems to be ancient history to the point that even some of my past employment references have gone out of business. I say GO FOR IT jump in with both feet and enjoy it. You'll have more money to spoil those kiddies in the time you have with them after school..

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