Thursday, 28 February 2013

Photo of the day {Thursday}

I am astounded at the amount of support I am receiving from my family and friends as the kids and I are doing it tough. This afternoon Jie got off the bus from school and was so wanting to go to the school carnival. Me still being sick explained that it most likely wouldn't happen. I didn't know any parents of his friends and Jie had been looking forward to the event all week. He asked me to ask his Dad or Uncle Al to take him. His Dad, my husband was way out of the question but my brother was worth a try. I called him as the kids and I walked home and he said he would call me back to let us know. Jie was excited, he got home and got dressed for the night out with his Uncle even though it wasn't clear wether or not he was going or not. About an hour later it was all locked in and Jie couldn't wait to get out the door.

While they were gone I called my Dad who has been so amazing these last few days. He assured me that everything was going to be okay, and that he is so going to support me through it all. Nevaeh and I invited a friend around for tea. We listened to music, danced around completely careless.

The photo of today above is of Bel and Jie on the Dodgem Cars tonight. I love his face! So good to see him enjoying his night and his first time driving. I so wish I could have been there but this photo and that face is more than enough validation that he had a fabulous night!

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