Monday, 2 September 2013

Four and Twenty..

Mondays and Fridays are now the only time Nevaeh and I spend together by ourselves.
In this time she is still learning so much about her Mama.
And I am learning more about her. 
She asks me everything about everything.
Always curious to know something about anything.
Here are twenty questions Nevaeh asks me often..

"Mum, how do you sing ..."
"Mum why does the bin go out on Tuesdays?"
"Who's coming over today?"
"Why do you always play angry birds?"
"Did you pass that level?"
"How old are you?"
"Mum, is it a special night?"
"What time is lunch time today?"
"What are we having for tea?"
"Are we going to Church today?"
"Are we having dessert tonight?"
"How did God make ..."
"How do bees make honey?"
"Can I sleep in your bed?"
"Can you read me this book?"
"Why do you wear make up?"
"Who's that walking past?"
"Can I pat that dog?"
"Can I feed the cats?"
"Who is the boss of you?"
"Why is it always my choice?"
"Why does the clock tick?"
"Why can't I be a boy?"
"Why do we have to wear socks?"
"Why cant I ask people how old they are?"
etc.. etc..

I know, I went over twenty, but honestly I could hear her saying each one of those in my head as I was writing them. She does not stop. From morning to night she is constantly wanting to know every little thing happening, and why it's happening and most of the time it's fun broadening her knowledge. As you can imagine she says "WOW!" a heck of a lot. And her communication, speech and social skills are amazing. 

She is only four and already so eager to learn..
I hope as she journeys through Kinder, she is provided with the answers I don't have..
Maybe one of the only disadvantages of being a young Mum..
But that is what Google is for right?

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