Saturday, 21 September 2013

School Holidays: Day 1

The kids and I have had an absolutely amazing day today. My father, the kids Pop woke us all up this morning (no school holiday sleep in ): to take us to Bunnings to get a rough idea of the new shed I asked for this Christmas. Before we left, being the sarcastic man that he is, he had Nevaeh convinced that we were going to 'bung creek' to take her for a swim. Nevaeh, worried, turned to me and said "Mum, I am getting angry at Pop, I feel like I want to swear". I tried so hard to keep a straight face but she was dead serious. Eventually we jumped in the car and she knew he was mucking around but that moment today was just as funny as could be.. Especially when he said for her to get some bathers and a towel. Too funny.

After Bunnings we went to the Darley Market. Of the nearly nine years living here in the Marsh I have no once been to the local Darley Market which is walking distance of about forty five minutes away. I was taken back in time around 10-14 years when we used to go marketing each and every weekend and buy videos, plants etc with the family. I realized how much I missed the markets and for sure will be going in future. The kids had fun browsing, playing at the playground but more so at the petting farm which was set up for all ages. This farm today had everything from guinea pigs, chickens and baby lambs to ducks, a tame rosella and even two baby joeys. I was quite unreal. I clicked a few snaps to share, I just couldn't help it.

After the markets we went home and so did Dad. Matt was supposed to come over to spend a few hours with the kids but text saying "He didn't feel like it" leaving the kids devastated yet again. In the end I got very little done, the kids played outside, had lunch and enjoyed some quality time together. Some washing got done, a few phone calls were made before Nevaeh and I had an afternoon sleep.

2 hours later we were on our way to order some dinner and meet up with a mate I had met at my course who was participating in the Moorabool Relay For Life. I could not believe how big the event actually was. Hundreds of people lined Maddingley Park oval with stalls of yellow and purple. Jumping castles, Rock climbing walls, local business stalls, even groups and organisations coming together to celebrate cancer survivors, remember loved ones and give those still fighting hope. What an amazing community to be a part of. The kids and I did three laps for our beautiful Nana Jeanette Standing/Hester who past away in 2009. We lit a candle in her honor and spoke about her like we never seem to do anymore. The night got emotional when all the candles lined the relay track and we went around to read the messages. Grand parents, sisters, uncles, aunties etc were all written on the bags of lives lost. You could feel the hurt and pain of effected families around the oval. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. But what tore me to pieces were one sister writing of the loss of her 14yo sister and children writing of their mothers or fathers thanking them for their love and lessons taught. I broke. It was a reality no-one can explain.. I was going to put off going today but I am so glad I went to support others who have loved and lost. I never again will take life for granted and will be praying tonight for peace over the hearts of the carers and families who have to go on without loved ones.. All tears aside, it was a wonderful event and my family and I have had an incredible day and night! What amazing community spirit we have here in Bacchus Marsh.. Loved every moment and love being part of a community who time and time again come together to support each other! Totally love the love here.. Thanks for a wonderful-wonderful event all who made it everything it was, see you again next year.. xo

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