Wednesday, 25 September 2013

School Holidays: Days 3, 4 & 5

The 3rd and 4th days consisted of yard work, yard work and more yard work. A bloke from one our local churches here in beautiful Bacchus offered to help tidy up our backyard for a small price. In two days we slashed, whipper snippered and mowed the back lawns as well as got rid of some old gates which really opened up our backard and made it look bigger! A few trees and bushes were also removed here and there and the old metal fence/gating was donated to the community garden in Darley. Jiedyn was bored so he called his friend Toby to come over for a sleep over and the boys were hardly seen or heard from the whole day busily playing pokemon cards, watching movies and playing paddocks. Nevaeh was at my side the whole day, helping me pull trees down, handing me the rake and pulling out weeds along side me. Her favorite part of the day was when we found some beautiful bird crafted nests nestled in two of our trees. Nevaeh was amazed that birds could create such things and asked more questions then I could answer. Our night ended up being a quiet one as we were just too exhausted to do anything special. The boys enjoyed their night together before falling asleep at around 11pm.. 

The 5th day of the school holidays were spent enjoying each others company. The maintenance guy was over fixing up the last of the walls, doors and draws and it was way to windy to do much else. The kids kept each other well occupied as I pottered around the house doing odd jobs. After lunch we went for a walk down to the local YMCA to pick up my keys and stopped at Peppertree Park for a slurpie and a kick of the footy. Sadly Toby had to go home that night as Jie broke a safety rule but not before spending dinner with us and hanging out :)

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