Sunday, 22 September 2013

School Holidays: Day 2

I am so glad this life is mine.. I have had a pretty relaxed day after a late night last night. Finally got a semi sleep-in before Nevaeh was up and I couldn't bring myself to let her roam alone.. Jie ended up jumping in my bed and snuggled up close before I turned on the radio and just spent the morning in bed with my two precious kiddos talking about our night, sleep and calling Matt/Dad. The kids wanted to see him so they called to ask him round for lunch. Lunch went well though he didn't stick around for long.. Just enough to agitate me. The kids were content with the visit and kept busy the rest of the afternoon playing army men,
as I painted Nevaeh's and my fingernails. Worship songs and the smell of the lavender plug in filled the air.. The kids started bickering about something so I told them to march out the back and play. Ita amazing how much fresh air is good for them. It's often when I tell them to go out the back and play that they actually enjoy each others company the most. Soon after they were busy I cleaned and spent some time watching a movie in Jie's bed. For the next 3 hours they were in and out to show me slugs and snails and butterflies and caterpillars asking a series of questions as the come and went again. By 6pm fingers were washed and dinner was served. Sausages, pumpkin and potato mash with a side of garlic'd broccoli, peas corn and carrot. The house is still content with Nevaeh and Jie ending their day in Jie's bed watching a movie together. This life of mine is just so amazingly settled.. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Day 2, over and out!

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Samantha said...

Are you really blogging every day of the school holidays? (AWESOME!)

And I'm so glad to hear your kids go outside and get all dirty.. I let Luke loose all the time outside when I can. My inlaws hate it! And a lot of people I associate with don't let their kids outside either.. Luke has eaten dirt I'm sure, and we found a worm the other day who he thought it's name was "gentle" because I kept shreiking, Luke, gentle! as he he tried to pull it apart. Ah fun. I love it! And what lovely weather for it too!

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