Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Tuesday Nights

I dont know why, but Tuesday nights always seem to be an effort for me. Today, for the first time since Nevaeh started kindergarten I actually enjoyed the peace. I cleaned for most part of my morning (after the kids left) before studying in preparation for my first in class assessment tomorrow. Before I knew it, the clock told me I had to pick up Jie and no sooner after we got home Nevaeh come through the door. I hadn't finished studying but between the cats meowing and the kids bickering there was no way I was going to focus on the last three pages of my notes. A friend popped in as I was packing up and Jie fell asleep on his bed in front of the fan. Which left Nevaeh to watch barbie.. The afternoon was then gone with chatter and cups of tea and after my friend left it was time to think about dinner. Chicken Parma from the local pizza shop was on everyone's lips so it was settled. Waking Jie up for dinner was difficult, he seemed so tired today. I have been letting the kids stay up until 8pm lately mostly due to the fact that any earlier and they're up at the crack of dawn. Dinner was enjoyed before a few books were read, a puzzle was done and it was bedtime. The kids brushed their teeth and showed me before bickering their way to bed. It was then I realized how much I now enjoy Tuesdays to myself. I had a head ache, all the lights were on, the TV was so loud, the lounge, kitchen and bathroom were again messy and the cats were meowing to be fed. Nevaeh was calling out that she wanted another kiss, another cuddle, another drink etc. and all I could think about was bed. Tuesday nights seem to be the most chaotic. Its bin night, it's get-everything-organised-for-everyone-night and it's the only night of the week I need a panadol to get through. By 7pm my energy is gone.. By 8pm I too am ready for bed. But then there are uniforms to be ironed, clothes to be set out, reader log books to be signed, cats to fed, litter to be changed, bags to be packed, washing to be folded, bins to be emptied, the bin to be put out and lunchboxes plus drink bottles to be filled. It's now 11pm and everything above has been done and I am well and truely ready for bed.. 

Tuesday nights are always such a hassle, but it's also the one night I feel most accomplished and thank myself in the morning for! G-night friends.. Rest well, I know I will!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there! I nominated you for the Liebster Award...Check it out here:

KellyLovesCali said...

Busy bee!! A pat on the back for getting everything done xx

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